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I have been renting a room in my house to someone and I have given her a written day notice to vacate. There was a month-to-month lease. Are laws the same as if you were renting a an apartment or house to a tenant vs renting a room in your house.. I believe the next step would be eviction, but there could be different rules for a room rented in your home. It varies by city, but in some cities yes, you can be evicted for creating a nuisance for other residents. I was given 30 days notice by my tenant which is up July 13th.

She has paid till the 13th. I have contacted her first time was 30 days ago to meet with me on the 13th so, I can get the keys and do a preliminary walk through. Now, she has known for 30 days that she is to move, but states she just put in at work to see if she could meet me at 6: Honestly, she gave me notice at If I gave a 30 day notice to vacate house that I would have been moving into fell through my current Landlord said that I could not retract my notice and would still have to move…is this correct.

I am at the end of my lease. The house that I was going to purchase fell through. Now the landlord where I live will not let me retract my 30 day notice to vacate; do I still have to move? This is a tough one. Or they might already have a new tenant lined up. I would contact your local rental housing authority for advice on the laws in your state. I live in CA. I gave my landlord a 30 day notice to move out in July.

They should be refunding me my deposit. I own an apartment in Montclair, Ca. One tenant is late for her rent. She is still not paid off on the 15th of Nov for Nov rent and I waited for her till midnight to show up.

During this time, she is either not answering her door nor her phone at the time she told me to pick up rent. I have been there 4 times prior to yesterday.

I want to give her 30day notice to move out which she is only on the third month of a month to month lease. Do I need a reason to terminate her lease? However, since this is a month-to-month lease, you can probably give her 30 days to vacate at any time. I would check with a tenant lawyer first though, to make sure you can evict for late payment of rent this soon.

I have a 6 unit in chicago. You would have to prorate December for the number of days she stays. I live in Los Angeles and am on a month to month lease. Earlier this year the landlord gave out a copy of the amended rules for the apartment that they had all of the tenants sign. Among the many listings was an item stating that unless a tenant gives their 30 day notice on the 1st through 3rd they are obligated to pay for the entire next month.

Can they force me to pay for days that I am not there even if I give 30 days notice? I would check with the local housing department, but if you signed the amendment, then yes, it probably is legal. However, if you left on the 10th and paid the full month, but they re-rented it before the 1st, I think they would owe you money. I gave a 30 day notice. I had medical issues that prevented me from moving on the 16th as planned.

The owner told me no problem, he would work with me and give me any additional time I needed. I paid the remaining rent from the 17th through 31th.

After two weeks, the property management firm has contacted me and advised I have to give a whole new 30 day, beginning now. I will be charged for the 30 days if I am here or not. Can they do this?

Is there anything I can do? I rented out my grandmothers house to my ex sister in law. I am responsible for managing the property. I served her with a 30 day notice to vacate but she has no intention on moving out. Do I have to now go to court to evict her? Or can i just changed the locks?

You have to go to court to evict her. Also, depending on how long she has lived in the property, she may have been entitled to a day notice. You still have to file an eviction notice with the court. My lease says either party can terminate by giving the other party 30 days written notice.

Contact your local housing authority for advice. HI I have a lease thats up in march and i have not paid January and unable to pay February. I received a 3 day notice and a notice my lease is up march i plan to move on the 29 of feb. Can i be evicted before the end of the month and will be responsible to pay that rent?

My understanding it that the 3-day notice is an eviction notice. In some states, they can also sue you to pay the back rent. You may still be sued for the rent, but it may vary by state. Hi, My lease was up on Feb 11th and my rent is due on the 11th of every month. I paid rent for Feb 11th so i am caught up until March 11th.

I have been looking for places to move and I want to give a 30 day notice to my landlord. Will I have to move out by that date? Is there anyway to word a 30 day notice… so that incase I wouldnt find a new place I could still stay longer? I understand that I would be responsible for paying rent until I evacuate the premises.

If give a thirty day notice to move and then decide to stay another mth, can they force me to leave? It really depends on your state and rental agreement. We just closed escrow on a short sale of our home, just barely missed foreclosing. We are worried we wont have enough saved to move…what are my options? Look at your contract.

Hopefully it stipulates the rent back rate and how long you can stay afterwards. Hello my name is Lisa, and my question is if I give my tenant a termination of tenancy letter on the fifth of the month to vacate. I am currently in a month to month lease with them and there rent is due on the 1st of the month last month they paid me on the 3rd. Will it still be considered a 30 day notice or do I have to wait till May 1st to send out the notice.

Your landlord should give you a copy of the contract immediately. If it says that 30 days notice is required, then you either need to pay for the last month or forfeit your security deposit. If he fails to produce it, you should contact your local housing board to determine your rights. It may vary by state, but in California, the notice can be served at any time and then tenancy ends 30 days later.

That would mean your tenant owes 5 days rent in May, and then has to leave on the fifth. I rent out a room in my house.

I am 7 months pregnant and now need to room at the end of the month. They have paid April rent and have found a place to live already. They want me to pro-rate there rent for this month. I gave them the 30 days so I would get the full months rent and if I had known that it was only going to take them a week to find a place I would have gave them 10 days.

Do I pro-rate there rent this month? It would really depend on the rules of your state and what they require from landlords who terminate a tenancy so they can move a family member or themselves into the space.

Hi, I live in California, and have a month-to-month rental agreement. I gave 30 days move-out note to my tenant. It has been over 8 days and he is already packing and most likely will move out sooner than the end of the month. I have not received any written note from my tenant indicating his move-out date. Will I need to pro-rate the rent if he moves out sooner even without receiving any prior note from him on his move out date?

What is recommended doing in this situation? If he presses it, I would contact the local housing board for advice about laws in your city. Hi I am in california my landlord informed me on the 10th of the month that she was planning to sell her home and that I would have a month to three to find and new place to live I found a place am I required to give her 30 day notice still if she informed me that I need to move verbally.

Hi I live in Washington state. Hi, I live in Washington state and state law requires renters to submit a day notice to vacate to their landlord, and it is stipulated in the lease agreement. I verbally notified 2 of the agents for the rental office about vacating well before the requisite 20 days, and one of them entered a form for my girlfriend and I to sign into our file.

The landlord now claims that we will owe them the full amount of the rent for the month after our lease expires despite the fact that we will be vacating the week before our lease ends. Are we entitled to, at the very least, prorate the amount of rent due by the amount of days beyond the required day notice i. The problem is that I moved in this apartments complex on a second floor on March 20th, and have a contract for 12 month lease. Well everything was going great for about 1 month.

Until the neighbor downstairs started complaining that we walk to hard and that she could hear everything, and also started inventing that we made parties every saturday in which that statement was so false.

But this lady started complaining almost every week and we were getting warning from the office about the noise. I explain to the manager that she was lying about the noise of us making noise. Well I guess the manager was getting tired about the complains and ask us if we wanted to determinate the contract early, I told her if that could be possible since we sign a contract for a 12 month.

Well my question is if its really possible for us to really determinate the contract early without any penalty? I live in Califoria. I sold my mobilehome and sent a certified letter to the tenant on August 24th stating that I was selling the mobilehome on October 1st and she would have to be out by then.

I live in Alabama. My niece has been living with me, but she refuses to work or help pay any bills. Can I legally tell her to move and take her off my lease. I live in Public Housing and my landlord says that I can remover her any time.

My niece says that I have to give her 30 days. What can I do to get her out? I live in Colorado and have to give 30 days notice. My ex and I broke up and I am going to remain at the apartment. What will happen if he doesnt give notice to vacate or release the security deposit that I payed with a personal check?

Even if the landlord did pay your ex, then you would need to pay the landlord the remaining half. Hello, I live in Las Vegas,Nevada. If when we moved in we had a rental agreement and then the landlord separates from the property management company told us she would sign with another within a week but never did and then our lease expires but we stayed and payed month to month do we get our deposit back once we move out?

The deposit has nothing to do with the property management company. The landlord is responsible for her property. Barring major damage or failure to proprly terminate tenancy, you should get your deposit. I submitted a 30 day notice on Feb. I intend to be out of my place by March 3rd do I still owe the full rent for the month of March? You should call your local housing authority, because I have no idea what the rule would be.

How long they have to refund your overpayment depends on local law. I live in Los angeles ca. It rain last night and my roof has been leaking carpet is getting damp.. But I came Hm. Cracks in walls paint is chipping.. In Los Angeles, you can call the housing department hotline at: They can advise you.

I live in New york state, upper. I was given a 30 day notice from my landlords husband which I have been paying my rent to for the past 7 yrs. He is on the house as well for owner and landlord. Not including my labor. Last year I also painted the house I had bought 2 gallons of paint and the husband brought me 6 more gallons to finish painting, I had to scrape the house before painting, I never charged them any labor.

I feel i have til the end of the month to move and that I will have my day in court, I also tryed to talk with the Landlords about my un charged Labor and repairs I made to the house, I repaired floors that had no padding under the carpet which made the boards warp and the house smell. This i feel i will win my case in court and will get my security deposit back and probully little extra, Plus i found out in most states your security deposit is suppose to be collecting interest the whole time your living at that property and that upon getting back your security deposit, you are also entitled to getting part of the interest that , that security deposit has collected.

Dose any of this sound unfair for me the tenat. Is there anything else I should do upon getting an attorney for my court proceddings. I paid and gave written notice on July 1st My lease expired july I gave written notice and paid rent on july 1st thru july 31, And an additional I have a tenant in my rental house in California that broke a 18 month lease. He also only gave me a 2 week notice he was moving out.

Can I legal keep his deposit? We rent out our house in Lebanon, Oregon. Our tenants have been there since January They gave us a day notice of termination on September 1st, ending September 30th. Since their notice expired, am I entitled to a new 30 day notice, as well as a full months rent from October 1st?

I was renting an apartment that was not in my name. The person name it was in was served a 3 day notice. I moved out after receiving that 3 day notice. Am i held responsible for anything. The rental company never had any knowledge of me living there either.

I gave my landlord the 30 days I was required to give in a written statement on the 7th of October. I was out by November 7th. But when I turned in the written statement stating I was moving out she had told me I had till the 7th. Is this illegal in the state of California? When you give 30 days notice after the 1st, then your rent for the days you stay into the following month are pro-rated.

My landlord gave me notice on March 3rd, to vacate the premises by April 3rd. I moved in on October 2nd, but still paid rent on the first of every month to make things easy. She is wanting to charge me pro rated amount for the three days I am staying past the first, is this right?

My roommate and I are both on a years lease that ends as the end of this month. Our lease then goes month to month. She told me on the 5th of this month she is going to move out at the end of the month. My roommate refuses to stay one more month or pay rent for the next month, even though she did not give me a full months notice. Is there any legal action I can take? Can I have our management use her deposit for her rent since she did not give me proper notice? Hello, I have a 12 momth rental agreement in Californian which ends on August 31st, I have a fixed term lease 1yr.

I live in michigan. They notified me that my keys are due at the end of my lease,july 31st but that i now have to pay for 15 days of august. I gave notice but it was at 15 days not 30 and i never agreed to be month to month at any time. I have a tenant on month to month basis…I am in Los Angeles…he has not paid for July …I served him an 30 day notice on July 6, making him have to leave by August 5th.

I guess if he does not pay, i will have to file a small claims suit, yes? Since the admin of this site is working, no question very soon it will be well-known, due to its quality contents. We will be linking to this particularly great post on our website. Keep up the good writing. In truth, your creative writing abilities has encouraged me to get my own site now. By texas law if my rent is paid til nov 30th and just today my land lord gave me a 3 day notice in 3 days can he change the locks on the doors and the gate to keep me from getting my stuff can someone please tell me the process.

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Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this article to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing! These days there are a few ways for people to earn money from games. Farm machinery repair industry lacks a strong quality control Management.

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