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Olaf II "the Stout" Haraldson. King of England Canute IV the Holy. Haakon V Berger Duke of Mecklenburg , Christian V Charles XI Christian VI Frederick Frederick V Adolphus Frederick Martti Ahtisaari's Nobel Peace Prize [] In his diplomatic and political career, the former Finnish President brokered peace on various continents -- yet also recognized clear limits to good intentions In the early s, he ran the U.

Twelve years of frustrated diplomacy later, and against the grain of conventional European opinion, Mr. Although it was moved by an act of , it was not until the first democratic government of Patricio Aylwin in that i began to function as the seat of the Congress. Chile and Peru rebuff Bolivia's reactivated claim to restore the Atacama corridor, ceded to Chile in , but Chile has offered instead unrestricted but not sovereign maritime access through Chile to Bolivian natural gas; Chile rejects Peru's unilateral legislation to change its latitudinal maritime boundary with Chile to an equidistance line with a southwestern axis favoring Peru; in Oct , Peru took its maritime complaint with Chile to the ICJ; territorial claim in Antarctica Chilean Antarctic Territory partially overlaps Argentine and British claims; the joint boundary commission, established by Chile and Argentina in , has yet to map and demarcate the delimited boundary in the inhospitable Andean Southern Ice Field Campo de Hielo Sur.

Antarctic claim overlaps Argentine and British claims and is not recognized by U. Easter Island had no traditional name in the island language; although this seems natural, given its isolation, it runs counter to the Polynesian practice of transporting island names in their migrations. Authors have tried to claim that Te Pito 'o Te Henua , meaning the Navel of the World in the island language, was the name brought with the founding migration, but this has been successfully disputed.

The name Rapanui Great Rapa, as opposed to Rapaiti, the Rapa in French Polynesia was attributed in the 19th century and has acquired official status. The island had a highly tabooed paramount chief or king, the 'ariki henua.

The office was hereditary in the Miru clan, and it appears that, in a similar fashion to Tahitian custom, the first-born son of the 'ariki henua succeeded to the position at birth because the mana passed to him at that moment, his father remaining in power as his regent until his marriage. In , when the population of the island had already been severely depleted, Peruvian guano collectors raided the island, killed a large part of the population, and kidnapped almost all the rest, including the two 'ariki henua i.

Of the kidnapped population, fewer than survived to be returned. Under these circumstances practically all knowledge of the past was lost or thoroughly garbled. It is therefore impossible to recover precise information. There are about six or seven lists of 'ariki henua that were provided to visitors and researchers, with between 20 and 57 names. Here is a list that is perhaps among the less unreliable ones however, a recent article has revived interest in the name list because carbon-dating has retrojected the human settlement of the island to no later than the 5th century.

James Cook, named Easter Island. Paramount chiefs title 'ariki henua Tu'u maheke 'a Hotu Matu'a

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