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In "Phantom" and the next episode, "Bizarro", Chloe and Lois manages to die in each other's arms, separately.

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O Desconhecido - Portia da Costa. Destino Sombrio - Luis Dill. Do Seu Lado - Fernanda Saads. On Dublin Street — Samantha Young. Desastre Iminente — Jamie McGuire. Dividir e Conquistar — Carrie Ryan. De repente, o destino — Susan Fox. Desejo — Nicole Jordan. De Repente Acontece — Susane Colasanti. Dexter HQ - JeffLindsay. Estigmas da Luz —Liana Cupini. Easy - Tammara Webber. Especiais — Scott Westerfeld. E Se Fosse Verdade A Elite - Kiera Cass. Ecos da Morte - Kimberly Derting.

Eu Te Vejo — Irene Cao. O Enigma das Estrelas — F. Enroscado — Emma Chase. Essa Garota — Colleen Hoover. Fora da Lei - Nora Roberts. Finale - Becca Fitzpatrick.

A Fera - Alex Flinn. Fallen Too Far - Abbi Glines. Fazer amor - Gary Chapman. Fazendo Meu Filme 1— Paula Pimenta. Fazendo Meu Filme 2 — Paula Pimenta.

Gregor e a segunda profecia- Suzanne Collins. Gregor e a Profecia de Sangue - Suzanne Collins. Guardians - Volume 2 - Luciane Rangel. Guardians — Volume 1- Luciane Rangel. Garota Tempestade - Nicole Peeler. Garotas de Vidro - Laurie Halse Anderson. Game for Anything - Bella Andre. O Grande Gatsby — F. Garota, Interrompida — Susanna Kaysen.

Garota Exemplar — Gillian Flynn. Hex Hall - RachelHawkins. I Irresistivelmente Fatal — Marcio Scheibler. Um Motim no Tempo - James Dashner. O Inferno de Gabriel - Sylvain Reynard. Insurgente - Veronica Roth. In a Heartbeat — Teodora Kostova.

Inimigo Sombrio — Cate Tiernan. J Jogos Vorazes - Suzanne Collins. Julieta Imortal — Stacey Jay. K Karma Club - Jessica Brody. Killing Sarai - J. Losing It - Cora Carmack. Leaving Paradise -Simone Elkeles. Loucamente Sua - Rachel Gibson. A Lua de Mel - Sophie Kinsella. A Lista do Nunca - Koethi Zan. Louca pelo Garoto — Helen Fielding. Lost and Found - Nicole Willians. Ligeiramente Pecaminosos — Mary Balogh.

The Season 3 finale "The Graduates": The Outer Limits The episode "Corner of the Eye'': Two best friends successfully foil an alien invasion, then one dies of his injuries in the other's arms. Once Upon a Time: Neal dies in Emma's arms after separating from his father along with a very tearful goodbye to both of them.

In the midseason finale of Season 5, Hook also dies in Emma's arms after she reluctantly stabs him with Excalibur to stop the Dark Ones. In Season 2 Amanda dies in Emily's arms on a sinking life raft in the middle of the ocean after their poignantly named boat, The Amanda , explodes and sinks. As he dies Emily confesses to him that her initial romance with him wasn't all a lie. In the season one finale , Nora Clayton dies in Miles Matheson's arms. What really drives it in home is the fact that they were trying to get to a nearby infirmary in an attempt to save her, and she died before they could even get there.

Also, you get to see a closeup view of Miles's face, showing that he is very unhappy with her death. Marian dies in Robin's arms at the end of season two, surviving a fatal sword wound just long enough for them to finish their wedding vows. Poor young Perkins dies in Harper's arms, surrounded by the other two supporting members of The Squad , after being gutstabbed Sharpe's Battle.

Chris dies in Cassie's arms. Kyla dying in Clark's arms played it dead straight. Alicia is already dead when he held her in his arms, he didn't quite hold Evan in his arms, Chloe in "Arrival" didn't manage to die , but the dialogue just before almost have you worried. Chloe in "Labyrinth" also dies in Clark's arms after being shot in the chest. But All Just a Dream. A really horrible one at that. In "Phantom" and the next episode, "Bizarro", Chloe and Lois manages to die in each other's arms, separately.

Lois is stabbed, Chloe arrives and weeps over her body, which heals Lois but instead kills Chloe. In "Fracture", Chloe dies again in Lionel's arms. In "Odyssey", Clark almost dies in Chloe's arms. Extra emotional impact comes from that Green Arrow shot him and Chloe tries and fails to heal him.

In "Bride", Jimmy almost dies in Chloe's arms, right after they get married. In "Injustice", Chloe dies in Clark's arms, but in another twist, it is actually Eva in disguise. In "Kandor", clone Jor-El dies in Clark's arms. Sura dies in Spartacus's arms. Fiona dies in the arms of her husband Adam after being shot by her ex-husband who had come Back from the Dead.

Her dying wishes that he look after their son Wes made it even sadder. Weyoun 6 dies in Odo's arms after activating his termination implant. Sam is stabbed in the back severing his spinal cord as he and Dean are reunited at the end of the penultimate episode of season 2.

Sam dies in his arms, but Dean makes a deal with a demon to bring Sam back. Actually subverts the usual form of this trope in that Sam doesn't get a chance to say goodbye or really anything at all—he just gets stabbed in the back, falls down, looks vaguely unfocused and dies. He barely seems to register Dean's presence. As a result, at the end of season 3, Dean dies in Sam's arms. Dean dies in Sam's arms three, no, six times at least in "Mystery Spot". Jo dies in her mother's arms.

Made even more tearjerkier when Ellen makes a Heroic Sacrifice shortly after. This is even sadder when you remember the reason Ellen stayed behind was so that Jo wouldn't die alone , but Ellen still ends up watching her die before she sets off the explosion. Allison dies in Scott's arms after being stabbed through the stomach with one of the Oni's swords Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: This is how Charley Dixon's wife dies, with Charley holding her and sobbing.

He's not the only one. In order of death: Touched by an Angel: A few of Andrew's assignments die in his arms, such as in the season five episode, "The Peacemaker". Xena and Gabrielle have each died in the other's arms more than once. A Running Gag in Danger 5 involving Pierre cradling a dying friend or enemy, who'd use their dying breath to pass on the ingredients of a perfect cocktail they'd invented. When he realizes what he's done, he rushes to her and holds her in his arms as she whispers her last words: Daddy please don't It wasn't his fault He means so much to me Daddy please don't We're gonna get married I died in your arms tonight, I slipped through into the afterlife, It was nice.

The narrator in the song is dying, and singing the song to her lover. Can you feel me in your arms? Naked as We Came by Iron and Wine. But somehow I found my baby that night I lifted her head, she looked at me and said, "Hold me, darling, just a little while. Well, now she's gone, even though I hold her tight. I lost my love, my life, that night.

The song "El Paso" from Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs by Marty Robbins , told in Posthumous Narration , ends with the cowboy dying in the arms of his Spicy Latina lover Feleena after being fatally shot down by a posse for killing a guy who tried to rape her. The song's sequel confirms this, as his death also drives her to suicide. At the top of my lungs, in my arms, she dies.

Let me drown in your laughter Let me die in your arms. Rodrigo in Schiller's and Verdi's Don Carlos dies in the title character's arms. Here's a list of characters of his that die in the arms of others: Gilda, in her fathers' arms. La forza del destino: Simon, in his daughter's and Fiesco's. Un ballo in maschera: Gustav Richard to Amelia. The title character, Kim, of Miss Saigon. She dies in the arms of Chris after shooting herself.

Audrey in Seymour's in Little Shop of Horrors. In most Walküre stagings, Siegmund to Wotan. Mark Antony with Cleopatra. In some adaptations, Gertrude in Claudius's. Schiller's Kabale und Liebe: Then played straight in Rent , when Angel dies in Collins' arms. In the famous dramatization of East Lynne , Lady Isabel, disguised as Madam Vine, takes her son William into her arms in his dying moments, and asks him to call her his mother.

He does so, and dies. Isabel's ensuing lament that her child died without knowing she was his mother is famous although invariably misquoted.

In Aida there are two examples: The titular character's former servant Mereb dies in her arms, fatally injured trying to protect her and her father. Aida and Radames die in each other's arms in the tomb. Henrik Ibsen used this in his early plays. Both also doubles as Cradling Your Kill. Further, Peer Gynt arguably dies in the arms of Solveig. After that, Ibsen seems to have discarded the trope. In Hamilton , Philip dies in his parents' arms.

See, for example, this video. Breath of the Wild , Zelda unleashes a burst of holy energy to protect Link from an attacking Guardian, incapacitating said Guardian. However, Link still collapses from the mortal wounds he took fighting the other Guardians earlier and promptly takes his last breath in a tearful Zelda's arms. Thankfully, he gets better. Arcueid dies in Shiki's arms in the end of her route of Tsukihime. Double Subverted in the True Ending, where she decides she can't stay with Shiki.

Nanami in Riou's in Suikoden II. She gets better if you collected all stars before this scene. Alfred's just a bit too late for him and Alexia to do this in the same game, also Luis to Leon in 4 to a lesser extent. Subverted by Ada in Resident Evil 2 , who gets better. The Sacred Stones , if the player chooses Eirika's path, the first CG in the epilogue shows her holding the dying Queen Ismaire in her arms.

In Fire Emblem Fates , if the player chooses the Birthright path, later in the story Elise dies in her brother Xander's arms after she takes a hit from him that was meant for the Avatar. Xander does not take it well. Before the route split, the Avatar's mother, Queen Mikoto, also takes an attack meant for them and expires in their arms shortly after.

They don't take it well, either. Subverted with Azura , also on Birthright. As she dies, she makes a motion that looks like she planned to crawl towards the Avatar's arms, but she evaporates into water before she can reach them. Almost at the end of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia , Alm's group finds a mortally wounded Fernand. He dies in the arms of his once-best friend, Clive. As it wasn't depressing enough already imagine dying in the arms of someone who's forgetting you even as he tries to hold on.

Kingdom Hearts almost did this when Kairi is revived and Sora has stabbed himself with the Keyblade of People's Hearts. Sora falls backwards, Kairi goes to catch him, and Yes, folks, this is when Roxas was born. Ditto in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep , as Master Eraqus dies in Terra's arms. In Mega Man X 4 , if you choose to play as Zero, after you defeat Zero's love interest, Iris , Zero cradles her in his arms until she "dies". A rather touching scene, if you can get past the bad voice acting.

Similarly in the remake of the first game , Zero's death scene is redone to have Zero die in X's arms. In at least one case, it's because the player killed him. His childhood friend Akihiko is the one who holds him as he passes away and and the others grieve.

Also, at the very end of the game, during graduation day, a weary protagonist, having used all of his or her, if the player chooses a female protagonist for the Playstation Portable version of the game power to seal away the harbinger of death, falls asleep and dies in Aigis' arms.

For the female protagonist, this includes Shinjiro Aragaki, who merely woke up from a coma three days before. Ken has Please Don't Leave Me well, he's been "left behind" before , Akihiko's is a straight up love declaration, and Shinjiro is still as upbeat as always: In P3 FES, she can get better if the player fulfilled certain requirements before the scene. And in Persona 2: Innocent Sin 's ending, Maya dies in Tatsuya 's arms. A couple of examples of this in the. Mia dies in Elk's arms after the party defeats her true form Macha the Temptress, the sixth phase of the wave.

The absolutely heartbreaking death of Isara in Valkyria Chronicles. In Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 4: The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood , Guybrush finds Morgan LeFlay mortally wounded by her own Blade of Dragotta and runs to her side, holding her in his arms or rather with his hook hand as she slowly dies after telling him about the incident in the Marquis De Singe's lab. Also, Elaine holds Guybrush in her arms as he is slowly dying from his wounds inflicted by LeChuck's Cutlass of Kaflu, and after she tearfully makes her promise to stop LeChuck for him , Guybrush slumps down to the ground as he dies while still in her arms.

He gets better later in Chapter 5. Depending on your choices throughout the game, any of your team members in Mass Effect 2 can die in Shepard's arms during the assault on the Collector Base In Mass Effect 3 this can happen with Conrad Verner in one of the ways his story is resolved.

Also hilariously subverted, as depending on your actions, Conrad has the touching death scene with Shepard Miranda if you don't complete certain prerequisites. Bioware does it again in Dragon Age II: Hawke's mother dies this way. June dies in Junpei's arms in the "safe" and "submarine" endings. Luna's ending ends with this between Sigma and Luna.

Possibly doubles as Final First Hug. Phi and Sigma will die hugging each other if you fail to defuse the bombs. Sigma in Diana's arms in the ending where Diana didn't push the blue button.

Inverted in Monty Hall segment if you get the answer right. While the room is filled with carbon dioxyde you'll get a gas mask but only one. Junpei will give it to already nearly passed out Akane and she'll be held in his arms while he dies.

Getting the wrong answer leads to straighter example, except they both die. There's also Fyra in the King's arms, and Devola in Popola's arms. At the end, Serah has her final vision , and as she collapses, Noel pulls her into a hug to hold her upright.

After a few seconds, Serah dies, and both of them fall to the ground together, still embracing. When Hope arrives a few minutes later, Noel is still cradling Serah's body against his chest. Yeul is shown dying several times throughout the story ; on at least two of these occasions, she is cradled in either Noel or Caius' arms.

At the end of Jak 3: Wastelander Damas dies in Jak's arms after he is crushed beneath a vehicle. Johnson in Halo 3 , while being held by Master Chief. Except it isn't just one of them. It's both of them that disappear. Can't catch a break, can he? In The Last of Us , a Zombie Apocalypse breaks out, and when trying to carry his daughter Sarah to safety, Joel runs into a soldier who's ordered to shoot them both.

He mortally wounds Sarah, who dies in Joel's arms while he pleads for her not to leave him. In Project Firestart , if Mary dies while following Jon, the player gets a short cutscene of her last moments while cradled in Jon's arms. God of Thunder , a game set before the events of Thor , Sif becomes dead for a short time. She pushes another Asgardian out of danger, is impaled, and dies in Thor's arms, causing him to be enraged and seek vengeance for her death.

I should've seen it coming. Happens quite a few times in the Batman: Arkham City , it happens in a strange way: But by then, the doctor initiates Protocol 11 before dying in Batman's arms, seconds before Batman quickly lets go of him and escapes from the exploding tower along with Ra's. And near the end, Talia al Ghul gets shot In the Back by the real Joker after falling for the "fake Joker gag" and falls into Batman's arms before dying. Arkham Origins , Alfred Pennyworth sadly dies in Batman's embrace right after being rescued in the damaged Batcave.

Arkham Knight , Poison Ivy collapses in Batman's arms after using the last of her strength to disperse Scarecrow's fear gas spread by the Cloudburst. After muttering, " Nature always wins ," she dies and her body disintegrates into pollen. In Ni no Kuni , when the party suddenly ends up back in time, they meet the Emperor of Hamelin, whom they already know died fifteen years ago. He dies being cradled by Swaine, whom he knows perfectly well is his son from the future.

The elder Swaine has just had to watch his younger self run away from home, fully believing his father only loves his younger brother. The elder only realizes how wrong this is as he embraces his father one last time. This naturally leads to a hugely, giganticly, screen-shaking "NOOO! In the denouement of the first game, Lilia holds Rion as his brain shuts down from psychic overstress. As the second game approaches its finale, Rion holds Lilia as her body shuts down from radiation poisoning.

Sands of Destruction features two, one which happens during play and one which is only told about through Flash Back: In the Valley of Dragons, a very desperate Kyrie asks Naja to kill him. Naja obliges, but it's Morte who holds him as he makes his Final Speech before he Disappears into Light. In the Cave of Memories, Taupy is forced to recall killing his best friend, Ace , and mentions that he held him as he died. Digital Devil Saga does this three times over the course of its two games.

In the first game, Jinana and Lupa die in the arms of, respectively, Argilla and Gale. In the second game, Angel and Gale are Impaled with Extreme Prejudice by one another and die in an embrace.

In Snatcher , Harry dies in Gillian's arms. Either Ellegaard or Magnus will give you their armor before the confrontation with the Wither Storm and will end up being fatally wounded in the ensuing chaos. After the Wither Storm is defeated, you find Soren cradling his dying friend.

In the opening level of Dishonored , Empress Jessamine dies in her bodyguard Corvo 's arms after a supernatural assassin runs her through. In the ending of God of War PS4 , Kratos and Atreus see a mural left behind by the Giants who had the gift of prophecy depicting the events of their journey to Jotunheim. Right before they go outside to scatter Faye's ashes, Kratos sees a section of the mural hidden by a cloth depicting him dying in Atreus' arms.

He does not tell his son what he saw. Several scenarios in Detroit: Become Human result in Connor dying in Hank's arms. Most notably, finding the deviant in the kitchen of Stratford Tower results in Connor getting a vital biocomponent ripped out. Fail to recover it in time, and Hank comes in just in time to cradle Connor in his arms as he shuts down.

Made all the more poignant because Rose got stabbed trying to avenge her girlfriend, and because both girls had only just met each other after years of eagerly waiting for it, especially since they are each other's mother in two different realities.

It seems to be happening with Zeetha , but she got better. Therkla in Elan's in The Order of the Stick. To make matters worse, despite the fact that resurrection is relatively easy for an adventuring party Milk dudes in Soda's arms Daigo in Kazumi's arms - averted at the last minute.

It still counts because Riff believes she died. It was actually far, far worse. Growp from Spacetrawler , in the process of being disintergrated, is caught in the arms of Emily before confessing his love. He proceeds to break up into small pieces. Doubles as Tear Jerker when Haje and Jenna, who he raised from their childhoods, show up; Jenna panics, noting that Hiljo isn't moving or breathing, and asks Haje what they should do Her parentage is suggested by the charter dated under which " P[etrus] de Ceyo nepos Richardi comitis de Montebeligardis " donated property to the abbey of Buillon [56].

He was probably father of Richard de Montbeliard ancestor of one branch of the Seigneurs de Scey. The Annales Colmarienses record the death in of " comes Montis-Belligardi " [77]. A charter dated 15 May records that " Fridericum comitem Firretensem " and " Richardum comitem Montisbilig " agreed to end the war between them with the marriage of " Tierricus filius comitis Montisbiligardi major natu " and " Adeardim filiam comitis Firretensis ", with the consent of " Olrico et Lodovico filiis ipsius comitis Firretensis " [78].

He lost the seigneurie de Commercy when his step-sons were declared adult: His place of burial is confirmed by the testament of his son Jean [I] dated Dec see below. The primary source which confirms her first marriage has not yet been identified.

The suggested date of her second marriage is indicated by the charter dated noted above in which her second husband is named as seigneur de Commercy. Her parentage and second marriage are indicated by a charter dated 8 Oct which relates that Saarbrücken was the fief of the bishop of Metz, recording that " bone memorie Jacobus quondam Metensis episcopus " son of Ferry II Duke of Lorraine had enfeoffed " Lorettam relictam…neptem propriam " and that, on the death of the latter, " germane dicte Lorete…primogenita domina Mahout domina Montisfalconis " inherited the castle [].

Her place of burial is confirmed by the testament of her son Jean [I] dated Dec see below. Her parentage and marriage is confirmed by the following document: Seigneur de Courchaton et de Montrond. The primary source which confirms her parentage and marriages has not been identified. The primary source which confirms his parentage has not been identified. The primary source which confirms her parentage and marriage has not been identified.

Her parentage and marriage are shown in Europäische Stammtafeln []. The primary source on which this information is based has not been identified. Dame de Meursault et de Cugney. Seigneur de Montrond et de Maillot. Seigneur de Cuiseaux, de iure uxoris.

The primary source which confirms her parentage has not been identified. The primary source which confirms her second marriage has not been identified.

No direct confirmation has been found about this supposed first marriage. The dispute concerned the dower granted by Gauthier [II] to his wife, and the tone of the document suggests that she was the stepmother of his three sons, although the matter is not beyond all doubt.

Clerc records her family origin and two marriages without citing the primary sources on which he bases this information []. She married secondly after as his second wife, Guillaume de Vergy Seigneur de Mirebeau. Looys de Nuefchastel outre Jou Gingins-la-Sarra records her parentage and marriage without citing the source on which the information is based [].

Gingins-la-Sarra records her parentage and two marriages []. Her parentage and marriage are confirmed by the following document: Mathilde and her second husband confirmed the privileges of Saint-Hippolyte by charter dated 2 Nov []. Alix et Marguerite et Agnes mes filles Guillaume fille Hamey signor de Nuefchestel outre Joux Johannetam de Burgundia filiam dicti Renaldi Her second marriage is confirmed by the following document: Her third marriage is indicated by the following charter: He succeeded his father in as Comte de Ferrette.

The primary source which confirms her marriage has not been identified. Loye records her parentage and marriage without citing the primary source on which this information is based []. Loys de Chalon son mary Dame de Marnay et du Fay, Vicomtesse de Blaigny. The chronology suggests that they were not the same persons as those named in the charter dated which is quoted above.

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